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Pin #10: Calling all cauliflower lovers. Are there any out there?

imageRoasted Cauliflower Soup! 

Smile, if you love cauliflower!

I know that I’m the only cauliflower lover in my family.  The temperature began to drop recently so I made this delicious roasted cauliflower soup and was very pleased with the taste and how it made my house smell as it cooked.  Since I didn’t have an immersion blender, I had to get a little creative with my NutriBullet.

Guess what I’m buying on my next shopping trip?

(If you guessed that I bought an immersion blender, then you’re right!)


Pin #9: Can’t Give It Back Now!


The Pin

I was given a really beautiful brown chevron infinity scarf by a friend!  I pinned a similar scarf with a monogram and decided to monogram mine too!  As a story, this is really the end of this tale, but I have an even better monogramming story to share!

Monograming Mix-Up

I purchased a dark gray hoodie to get monogrammed along with my scarf and took them both to a local monogramming establishment.  A few days later, I stopped in to pick up my finished items, glanced at the monograms to make sure the letters were mine, and went home.  Later that evening, I glanced at the hoodie hanging on my closet door and realized it was not mine!  Same color, a hoodie, but definitely not the one I had just purchased!  I re-visited the monogramming store and they discovered another gray hoodie was brought in the same day!  I liked the hoodie I received, it fit, and I was happy to keep it and get a free monogramming in the future!  The first time I wore it, I thought how funny it would be if I ran into the owner of my hoodie!  Sure enough, while grocery shopping, the cashier in the next aisle, leaned over to talk!

Cashier: “Did you get your hoodie monogrammed down the street?”
Me: “Yes” starting to feel a little embarrassed
Cashier “that’s my sister’s jacket!” smiling (whew)
Me: “I hope she likes mine!”

Hopefully she likes it a lot because I can’t give it back now! That goes for the scarf too!



Pin #8: Trash or Treasure?


Who loves a good garage or yard sale?

I had just pinned the $10 Wooden Blanket Ladder when I came across the beauty shown above and bought it for $1.00!  My husband looked at me like I had lost my mind and reminded me that we didn’t have bunk beds at home!

2 days later, this ladder (minus the bunk bed hardware) was sanded, primed, and painted!

It has found a new home in my living room and now proudly holds the afghans that my mother-in-law made us.

They’ve kept us warm for many years but were hidden away in an ottoman.  Now they are displayed for all to see and use to snuggle!



Pin #7: Keeping your coffee warm


Crocheting Coffee Coozies for Christmas

That’s quite a tongue twister!  My daughter and I decided one cold weekend to try our hand at crocheting and luckily I had already started a Crocheting Board on Pinterest!

Our first attempt using a different pattern was a disaster and we ended up with a coffee coozie that continued to get smaller and smaller as we continued to create rows of beautiful stitches.

After unraveling those disasters, I tried my hand at the design above and decided to add a Granny Square coaster as well.

Guess what will be included with my Christmas cookies this year?

Pin #6: Classifieds? LWB seeking TBB


Yes, I’ve been seeking TBB for 3 years but the search is finally over!  TBB is mine!

Tall Black Boots have been a challenge to find due to the Helios Braces I wear because of CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth Disease). CMT makes fashion a challenge!

My search ended, a few weeks ago, at Kohls when I found these Aerosole boots that include a double zipper which gave a lot of extra width where it was needed!

So ladies (with braces), don’t give up the search!

Be brave (even when the sales person is eyeing you suspiciously as you take out the insoles).

….and embrace your TBB even though they might be a bit of a pain!

(I cannot lie..I think they might need a little breaking in!)

It also appears that they are one of a kind!


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