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Pin #6: Classifieds? LWB seeking TBB


Yes, I’ve been seeking TBB for 3 years but the search is finally over!  TBB is mine!

Tall Black Boots have been a challenge to find due to the Helios Braces I wear because of CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth Disease). CMT makes fashion a challenge!

My search ended, a few weeks ago, at Kohls when I found these Aerosole boots that include a double zipper which gave a lot of extra width where it was needed!

So ladies (with braces), don’t give up the search!

Be brave (even when the sales person is eyeing you suspiciously as you take out the insoles).

….and embrace your TBB even though they might be a bit of a pain!

(I cannot lie..I think they might need a little breaking in!)

It also appears that they are one of a kind!


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  1. whatnumbersinyourbucket

    Update! Another TBB has ben found! Tall Brown Boots! They are even more comfortable. Here is the link,dsw10brand900002&isBrand=y&categoryName=women



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