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Pin #9: Can’t Give It Back Now!


The Pin

I was given a really beautiful brown chevron infinity scarf by a friend!  I pinned a similar scarf with a monogram and decided to monogram mine too!  As a story, this is really the end of this tale, but I have an even better monogramming story to share!

Monograming Mix-Up

I purchased a dark gray hoodie to get monogrammed along with my scarf and took them both to a local monogramming establishment.  A few days later, I stopped in to pick up my finished items, glanced at the monograms to make sure the letters were mine, and went home.  Later that evening, I glanced at the hoodie hanging on my closet door and realized it was not mine!  Same color, a hoodie, but definitely not the one I had just purchased!  I re-visited the monogramming store and they discovered another gray hoodie was brought in the same day!  I liked the hoodie I received, it fit, and I was happy to keep it and get a free monogramming in the future!  The first time I wore it, I thought how funny it would be if I ran into the owner of my hoodie!  Sure enough, while grocery shopping, the cashier in the next aisle, leaned over to talk!

Cashier: “Did you get your hoodie monogrammed down the street?”
Me: “Yes” starting to feel a little embarrassed
Cashier “that’s my sister’s jacket!” smiling (whew)
Me: “I hope she likes mine!”

Hopefully she likes it a lot because I can’t give it back now! That goes for the scarf too!




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