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Pin #12: Crafting for Christmas


My daughter and I love to craft!


Planning our annual craft day is almost as fun as making our carefully chosen projects! Getting our ideas from Pinterest makes the planning much easier plus our projects tend to turn out much better.

This year, we made the following projects.

Button ornaments:  Shown at the top.

Cookie cutter ornaments (shown above on the left side of the table):  We cut out 2 pieces of the cardstock to make the paper design show on both sides!

Santa earrings: This link takes you to an Etsy store so there are no craft directions.  We just tried to make ours look the same!  These were a bit time consuming so we only made one pair!


 Snowman ornaments. The baby socks were too small so we made our own crochet hats!


Now that my daughter’s married, my son-in-law joins in and adds to the fun by cooking delicious meals for us while we craft.  This year he brined and roasted a chicken, made a delicious gravy from the drippings, and added green beans and rice! I wish I had a photo but we were much too busy eating!

What an amazing fun filled day!



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  1. Love your crafts! We should have recruited you and Sammy to help make ornaments for Tyler and Val’s Christmas tree, because your ornaments are way cuter then the ones we made! 🙂

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