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Pin #16: Can $50 Feed Two People all Week?

Trader Joes

Can it be done?

I decided to take the challenge and find out for all of you!
I had two additional challenges but, you’ll be happy to know, I overcame them both!

First:  My oven is broken!
Second:  My husband is a picky eater! The children have improved in this
area, but he has not!

I set off to Trader Joes, printable list in hand, with only  a few modifications to appease the picky husband.  Armed with my list and calculator, I began to shop.  I even added a bottle of Trader Joe’s Pinot for $2.99 and spent a grand total of………$50.29!

Breakfast for the week consisted of apple cinnamon oatmeal or greek yogurt!  Lunch for me each day was either a turkey wrap or greek yogurt and fruit. Lunch for the husband was leftovers from dinner! He was not interested in the delicious wrap loaded with veggies!

The dinner plan started out using my crockpot to cook the whole bag of frozen chicken breasts!  I used the chicken for 4 different dinners plus the leftovers for hubby’s lunches!  I highly recommend this because the chicken was moist and delicious with very little effort!

The other dinners, (jumbo ravioli, vegetable and cheese omelets, and Mexican pizza) were postponed until the following week because my daughter and her husband stopped in for a weekend visit!

My son-in-law is a pretty amazing cook and I didn’t want to subject him to my experiments.  (I’m just a little bit nervous about cooking for him!)

Check out their cooking blog if you really want to satisfy your hunger!

Can you and your significant other eat all week spending only $50?

Take the challenge!  Here’s the link!




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  1. Awesome post! Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂 You shouldn’t be nervous about cooking in front of Johnny…although I definitely am haha!



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