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Pin # 20: Spaghetti Squash! Yes, There is Such a Thing!



This is a very easy recipe, especially if you take a few shortcuts with the original pinned recipe!

The original recipe calls for fresh ingredients to make the meatballs but I opted for my, nearly free, frozen turkey meatballs from a recent Southern Savers shopping trip to Publix!

Here’s what I did to prepare this delicious, healthy (I hope) meal:

I sprayed the crockpot interior with Pam, added the frozen meatballs and then a jar of my favorite marinara (also nearly free)!

I washed the spaghetti squash , cut it in half and scooped out the seeds. I put the halves, cut side down, into the crockpot on top of the meatballs and cooked it all on low for 6 hours.

I took the squash halves out and shredded the insides into spaghetti and then discarded the shells.   I must admit that I really enjoy seeing the squash come apart into little spaghetti strands. I wonder if I can grow them in my garden this year?

Finally, the squash was topped with the meatballs and sauce!  Easy and yummy!

I think this is fairly healthy too even with the prepared meatballs.  Next time I’ll  try to make my own!

Maybe during the next snow day!


Pin #19: Clean Your Whole House in an Hour? What??

IMG_0641 I really dislike cleaning!  My poor family will back me up on this statement!

The only way I can survive a few hours of cleaning is by listening to my Otis Redding playlist.  Thank you daughter dear! She’s a real problem solver!

I have cleaning rules:  I will not clean on the weekends or on sunny days.  I want to get it over with quickly without losing my cool!

So, when I saw this Pinterest pin, I was up for the challenge.  I am, after all, homebound, due to a Southern ice storm.

I followed the pinner’s advice starting with the bedrooms and had a good sweat going by the time I finished them!

Next, I tackled the bathrooms. They are now sparkling clean!  Whew, I’m going to need the shower when I’m finished. Now I’m really sweating!

Moving downstairs, I quickly finished the dusting and cleanup of the living room and dining room.  Luckily, they were not too cluttered!

My kitchen is small so it is usually easy to clean.  I didn’t have many dishes, so I just washed them instead of loading the dishwasher.  I didn’t dry them.  This is another one of my many rules about cleaning!  I’m a stacker!

Finally, I madly raced around the house vacuuming or mopping all of the floors!  I even had time to throw in a load of towels before looking at my timer!

I did go 3 minutes over the hour limit but I’m blaming the towels!

Pin #18: People in the South do not like Snow or Ice!


I must have known the ice was coming!  Earlier this month, one of my classes made these adorable “melting” snowmen and then wrote about why they melted.

imageWe were looking at pictures on the internet from the Northern states where people were building snowmen in the streets!  We laughed as we looked outside at our bright sunny weather telling stories about what would happen to a snowman if we built it here in South Carolina.

Well……today we’re not laughing!


Pin #17: Souper Sunday

imageCrockpot Parmesan Sausage and Kale Soup

The last few weeks, I’ve made soup on Sunday trying to prepare a few dinners and lunches for the week.  Packing a bowl of soup for my lunch allows a little extra time to hit that snooze button one more time in the morning.  This has also helped reduce the times we eat out or drive through for dinner! This soup was really easy to make even though making the roux made me a bit nervous.  This is a potato soup with a little something extra. Who doesn’t love sausage? Enjoy! image


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