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Pin #19: Clean Your Whole House in an Hour? What??

IMG_0641 I really dislike cleaning!  My poor family will back me up on this statement!

The only way I can survive a few hours of cleaning is by listening to my Otis Redding playlist.  Thank you daughter dear! She’s a real problem solver!

I have cleaning rules:  I will not clean on the weekends or on sunny days.  I want to get it over with quickly without losing my cool!

So, when I saw this Pinterest pin, I was up for the challenge.  I am, after all, homebound, due to a Southern ice storm.

I followed the pinner’s advice starting with the bedrooms and had a good sweat going by the time I finished them!

Next, I tackled the bathrooms. They are now sparkling clean!  Whew, I’m going to need the shower when I’m finished. Now I’m really sweating!

Moving downstairs, I quickly finished the dusting and cleanup of the living room and dining room.  Luckily, they were not too cluttered!

My kitchen is small so it is usually easy to clean.  I didn’t have many dishes, so I just washed them instead of loading the dishwasher.  I didn’t dry them.  This is another one of my many rules about cleaning!  I’m a stacker!

Finally, I madly raced around the house vacuuming or mopping all of the floors!  I even had time to throw in a load of towels before looking at my timer!

I did go 3 minutes over the hour limit but I’m blaming the towels!


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  1. I love that you timed it! I’ve had so many people doubt that it can be done when they comment on my blog post, I’ll have to send them here next time I get an email!

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