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Pin #23: Base Ten Blocks! Perfect Storage Container!


This is such a simple idea but very helpful, especially when you want your students to help you clean up after a lesson!

I originally had these math manipilatives stored in separate big round containers with NO handles. This was a recipe for disaster as little ones attempted to pick them up and carry them to their storage area!

These smaller storage containers (which can be found very cheaply) are the perfect size, have a handle, and they hold just enough blocks to use with math activities.

If you don’t already have these containers  in your classroom, be on the lookout and buy several!

Perhaps you can add it to your Summer classroom shopping list.

Ahhhh…..did I just remind you that it is almost Summer?





Pin #22: Love Coffee? Love the Earth too!

image                               Coffee deserves fancy storage!

I have a Keurig and really love the convenience of brewing that one perfect cup instead of a whole pot. I started using the Keurig container instead of a K-cup every time but continued to buy my creamer in those plastic containers.  I started feeling really guilty every time I threw one away. Poor landfills!

I saw this pin to repurpose those containers and quickly made my own coffee container! I added some artwork with a sharpie and filled it with my favorite Starbucks coffee!

I do love coffee but I also love the Earth!

Pin #21: Who Said Eating Healthy had to be Boring?

sweet potatoAs Spring and Summer approach, I try to get back to healthy eating habits to battle the bulge!  Often the healthy foods are really just not that fun to eat!  I would rather have pizza, burgers, fries (from McDonald’s, of course), and a limitless list of desserts!

If I want to fit into my clothes, I have to make some changes, NOW!

I got a list of foods to eat for weight loss that includes lean proteins, complex carbs (but not after 3pm), and green leafy veggies.  I really do love all of those things but I like to put “bad” things on them before I eat them:  cheese, butter, brown sugar, etc….

I searched Pinterest for help and came across this beauty!  I was a little worried when I read that a lime dressing would be added to a sweet potato!  I’m really much more enthusiastic about adding a heaping spoonful of butter and a double heap of brown sugar to my sweet potato.

I decided to tough it out and give it a whirl!

I was pleasantly surprised!  It is actually quite yummy with the mixture of sweet and tangy flavors.  Corn was on the “no no” list but I thought a little bit wouldn’t hurt!

Hopefully the scale will not prove me wrong in the morning!


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