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Pin #21: Who Said Eating Healthy had to be Boring?

sweet potatoAs Spring and Summer approach, I try to get back to healthy eating habits to battle the bulge!  Often the healthy foods are really just not that fun to eat!  I would rather have pizza, burgers, fries (from McDonald’s, of course), and a limitless list of desserts!

If I want to fit into my clothes, I have to make some changes, NOW!

I got a list of foods to eat for weight loss that includes lean proteins, complex carbs (but not after 3pm), and green leafy veggies.  I really do love all of those things but I like to put “bad” things on them before I eat them:  cheese, butter, brown sugar, etc….

I searched Pinterest for help and came across this beauty!  I was a little worried when I read that a lime dressing would be added to a sweet potato!  I’m really much more enthusiastic about adding a heaping spoonful of butter and a double heap of brown sugar to my sweet potato.

I decided to tough it out and give it a whirl!

I was pleasantly surprised!  It is actually quite yummy with the mixture of sweet and tangy flavors.  Corn was on the “no no” list but I thought a little bit wouldn’t hurt!

Hopefully the scale will not prove me wrong in the morning!


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