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Pin #30: Microwave Madness: Eggs in a Mug!


Several years ago my microwave suddenly stopped working!  Within minutes, my children and I were in the car speeding to a nearby store to purchase a new one!  I knew we needed one and we needed it NOW!  How did we ever survive without these wonderful inventions?

This pin, for eggs in a mug, prepared in the microwave intrigued me and I wondered how they would taste.  Rubbery? Mushy? Slimy?  All of these adjectives ran through my mind.

Recently, the husband and I were discussing our dinner plan and the opportunity to try this microwave madness was finally here!  Luckily, I had the ingredients, followed the steps, and the above photo shows the results.

I didn’t want to eat it out of the mug.  It was dinner, after all!  I scooped it all onto a plate and we settled in to sample the results.  I’m happy to report that the eggs and other ingredients were delicious!

Try this for a relatively healthy, quick meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!



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