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Pin #35: Replacing Bread :(

lettuce wrap

The healthy eating quest continues.

Bread is one of my weaknesses.  I love eating the bread that is brought to the table when eating out.  I often ask the waiter or waitress to keep it away from my table! If they bring it…I will eat it!

Eating sandwiches during the summer months for lunch and even sometimes for dinner creates a big bread problem!  I found this pin for a turkey cucumber lettuce wrap and thought my problem might be solved!

Even though I miss my yummy bread, this wrap is delicious and easy to prepare.

Now I just need to solve the potato chip dilemma.  I usually put potato chips on my sandwiches pressing down on the top piece of bread to slightly crunch them into the miracle whip! This is not part of the healthy eating plan!

If you have a solution for this, please let me know!


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