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Pin #36: Hummingbird Nectar: No Color = No Problem!


For the last two summers, I’ve purchased the bright red hummingbird nectar either in powder form or premixed and ready to go!  It looks really pretty in the feeder but is it really necessary?

I discovered a pin for homemade hummingbird nectar which didn’t require any type of coloring!  Would my birds still come to the feeder?  Would they relocate to other feeders in the neighborhood with bright red sugary nectar?  I decided to find out!

Following the pin’s instructions, I easily made my first batch of nectar, filled the feeder, and settled in my favorite chair to see what happened!  Unfortunately, 30 seconds later, I heard a crash and watched as all of my carefully made nectar spilled onto the porch due to a crack in my feeder!

I had my trusty IPAD handy and quickly ordered a new feeder from Amazon and thanks to my Prime membership received it very quickly.

A new batch of nectar was made, the new feeder filled, and by the end of the day my friendly hummingbirds were darting in for a taste!



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