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Pin # 47: Tile Mirror: Pin Fail! $%#@&*^%$

I decided to redo a mirror in my bedroom vanity area.  I think my husband jinxed my success!  When I began the project, this is what he asked!

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy a new mirror?”

Yes, it turns out, was the correct answer!

The mirror already had a wooden frame but the edging was broken and needed replaced.

I found a pin to add tile to a mirror for an updated look and thought that it would be easy to do and much cheaper than buying a brand new mirror!


I repainted the wooden frame and loved the new color!  Success!

I added the tile and realized that I really didn’t like the look! Fail!


I persevered and added some decorative features and then spent the next hour cleaning super glue off my fingers!  (Nail polish remover really does work)


My husband came home from work, measured the area, and I plan to buy a new mirror next week!

I guess it would have been easier (and cheaper) to just go buy a new mirror!

Not all Pinterest projects can be a success!

5 more pins to go!



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