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Hometown Tourist #4: Brown Roof Thrift

Coffee and Thrift Shop!  What a concept!

My son and I visited Brown Roof Thrift Saturday morning and enjoyed the coffee and cookies!  My son even knew the barista from college!

After we were energized by sugar and caffeine, we strolled and shopped!  I found an interesting Christmas vest covered with geese dressed up in their Christmas clothes.  I hope I’ll get invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party in the near future!  I also found a vintage copy of Tom Sawyer complete with attached bookmark.  I paid $2 for my finds! My son purchased The Lord of the Rings book trilogy and another book that he promises to let me borrow after he reads it for a whopping $3!

I’ve found this Hometown Tourist project to be a little more difficult to achieve than the Pinterest project from last year!  However, I have only 49 more new places or adventures to experience in the next 5 months!  I need to get busy!


Hometown Tourist #3: NCG Movie Theater

NCG recliner

My birthday was 5 months ago and I’m only on my 3rd Hometown Tourist activity!

I’ve come to the realization that it’s hard to get out of one’s routine but I tried this past weekend to break the cycle!

We traveled all the way to the east side of town to watch a comedy at the NCG Movie Theater, hoping to prop our feet up, and eat a huge tub of popcorn.  Unfortunately, we arrived only to find out that the projector for that film was broken.  We scanned the other movies, found one that would be appropriate for the family, and then found out that projector was also broken!


The story doesn’t end.  We decided to drive back to the west side of town and go to our “usual” movie theater choice.  We arrived with 15 minutes to spare until movie time and found a line in front of the theater that resembled “Black Friday” at Best Buy.

We drove down the road to Barnes and Noble and eased our pain with caramel macchiatos and blueberry scones!

Sometimes its good to just do the same ole thing!

Hometown Tourist #2: Stone Soup in Landrum


This is not the actual picture of the delicious soup I had yesterday at Stone Soup because I was too focused on eating every drop to stop and take a photo.

I had a butternut, sweet potato, curry soup that was just amazing. If I had been at home, I would have licked the bowl!

It was paired with a grilled cheese sandwich complete with a bacon and onion jam. The cheese was so oozy that my napkin was an embarrassing mess!

Creme Brulee and other delicious desserts were available. I felt like I was on vacation as I enjoyed this meal spent with dear old and new friends on a perfect sunny Fall day!

I can’t wait to try out the dinner menu.

Here’s a link to their website!

Stone Soup





Hometown Tourist #1: Cork and Beans


I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to break the habit of going to the same old places and doing the same old things! I finally broke out of my comfortable routine and visited a really nice place close to home.  Cork and Beans has a relaxing area where you can drink a favorite beverage, eat some delicious food, and relax in a comfy chair! It’s kind of like eating and drinking on your couch minus the cooking and cleanup!

Check it out if you are in town! It is located near Publix at the corner of 290 and Reidville Rd.

Pin # 52: I Made It! “Literally” Chocolate Banana Bread!

Banana Bread

This year’s “What Number’s in your Bucket” was a success!  I made it to Pin #52  just in the nick of time.  I had a great time completing the 52 pins from the over 1,000 that I’ve pinned on Pinterest!

This chocolate banana bread was the perfect way to end the year!  We had it for breakfast this morning along with coffee from Panera!

I’m anxious to begin my new bucket of adventure.  Stay tuned for more information!

What number’s in your bucket?

Mine is 53!  How did that happen?

Pin #51: Teacher Stress? Bedtime Yoga!


The week of teacher staff development has flown by and most teachers, including myself, still don’t feel ready for Monday!  In less than 48 hours, teachers will be on duty at my school ready to greet and begin teaching all of those eager (and not so eager) students!

Sunday night many teachers will lay in bed, tossing and turning!  They will wake up every hour to check the time and make sure that they have not slept through their alarm!

Minds whirling all night cause sleep deprived teachers to stagger toward the coffee pot each morning hoping for that caffeine boost to get them through the day.  It’s almost like having a newborn at the start of each school year!

I found this pin about a bedtime yoga routine and decided to try it!  I have to admit, I’ve felt more relaxed and have fallen asleep quickly (and stayed asleep) each night this week during our week of staff development.

The true test will come on Sunday night!  Will I be able to sleep the whole night through or will I check that clock every hour on the hour?

I’ll give you an update Monday.

(If I’m not too tired from lack of sleep)

The above image is from a great article I found giving advice to avoid teacher burnout!  Here’s the link!

Tips for the Yoga Link:  Print it out so you don’t have to keep scrolling while your trying to relax!  Move the Savasana pose to the next to the last pose instead of 2nd. 

Pin # 50: Bandana No Sew Pillows

pillowI made two of these adorable pillows to go with our school’s new theme, “Saddle up for Success”!

I had two pillows and simply used the bandanas to recover them!  The bandanas were purchased at Mighty Dollar, which is a favorite store of many teachers!  It is the ultimate dollar store!

It took less than an hour to follow the directions and finish the pillows.

It’s time to “Saddle Up”!  Students are back in classes on Monday!