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Pin #27: Bailey’s and Marshmallows! Yes Please!

Bailey’s Irish Cream and Marshmallows!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any “real pictures” of this pin!  We were eating the marshmallows so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to take a picture!

This is a really great idea for an “adult” campout to take the place of the typical “smores” made with the children over the years.

Luckily, our children are adults now and our son really enjoyed this tasty treat on our recent camping trip!


Pin #26: Shower Lanyards

shower lanyard                           While camping, we get pretty dirty and smelly!

These handy shower lanyards kept us clean during our recent family camping adventure!

The lanyard kept everything together and OFF the nasty shower floor!

My son, Ben, was nice enough to model his lanyard as he hiked to the shower!

The most difficult part of making these lanyards was finding small bottles with hole to attach the hooks.  I finally found them in the travel section at Publix.  I bought everything else at Mighty Dollar, one of my favorite places to shop!