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Pin # 50: Bandana No Sew Pillows

pillowI made two of these adorable pillows to go with our school’s new theme, “Saddle up for Success”!

I had two pillows and simply used the bandanas to recover them!  The bandanas were purchased at Mighty Dollar, which is a favorite store of many teachers!  It is the ultimate dollar store!

It took less than an hour to follow the directions and finish the pillows.

It’s time to “Saddle Up”!  Students are back in classes on Monday!



Pin #31: What’s For Dinner Dear?

menu This was actually so easy that I almost didn’t count it as Pin #31. I bought the frame which matches the little tiles in my kitchen wall.  I found the burlap “look” paper at Michaels, cut it and put it in the frame!

The hardest part of all of this will be holding myself accountable to actually cook what is listed on the menu!

Pin #15: Why Do We Decorate Our Doors?

frame for door

I was very excited to make this wreath for my front door so I could repurpose part of my daughter’s wedding reception table centerpieces.

The wooden frame was the brilliant idea of a good friend and beautifully enclosed the other items on each table.  They also provided a lot of photo opportunities for the wedding guests as they framed themselves for photos during the reception.

Now I have a beautiful reminder of that special day to see each day as I enter my front door!

After hanging the frame on my door, I was curious about why people feel the need to decorate their doors and what meanings might be associated with style or colors.  I found an interesting webpage explaining the meaning of color for front doors in regards to paint color, but I thought it could also apply to the color of the decorations you choose to adorn your door as well!

Red means welcoming and the red accents on the frame hopefully give that welcoming vibe to my guests!

Happy decorating!

Pin #12: Crafting for Christmas


My daughter and I love to craft!


Planning our annual craft day is almost as fun as making our carefully chosen projects! Getting our ideas from Pinterest makes the planning much easier plus our projects tend to turn out much better.

This year, we made the following projects.

Button ornaments:  Shown at the top.

Cookie cutter ornaments (shown above on the left side of the table):  We cut out 2 pieces of the cardstock to make the paper design show on both sides!

Santa earrings: This link takes you to an Etsy store so there are no craft directions.  We just tried to make ours look the same!  These were a bit time consuming so we only made one pair!


 Snowman ornaments. The baby socks were too small so we made our own crochet hats!


Now that my daughter’s married, my son-in-law joins in and adds to the fun by cooking delicious meals for us while we craft.  This year he brined and roasted a chicken, made a delicious gravy from the drippings, and added green beans and rice! I wish I had a photo but we were much too busy eating!

What an amazing fun filled day!


Pin #7: Keeping your coffee warm


Crocheting Coffee Coozies for Christmas

That’s quite a tongue twister!  My daughter and I decided one cold weekend to try our hand at crocheting and luckily I had already started a Crocheting Board on Pinterest!

Our first attempt using a different pattern was a disaster and we ended up with a coffee coozie that continued to get smaller and smaller as we continued to create rows of beautiful stitches.

After unraveling those disasters, I tried my hand at the design above and decided to add a Granny Square coaster as well.

Guess what will be included with my Christmas cookies this year?

#1: Bracelets for my family and friends!


DIY Macramé Bracelet

     With the Albino Skunk Musical Festival coming up soon, I was inspired to make some of these macramé bracelets to go along with the tie dyed attire that my friends and I will soon be wearing!

I bought all of the materials at Michaels! I think I went a little crazy with the cording purchase and may have to find some other cording projects very soon.

     After a long day of work, it is relaxing to tie knots, daydream, and create something beautiful to share!