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Pin #23: Base Ten Blocks! Perfect Storage Container!


This is such a simple idea but very helpful, especially when you want your students to help you clean up after a lesson!

I originally had these math manipilatives stored in separate big round containers with NO handles. This was a recipe for disaster as little ones attempted to pick them up and carry them to their storage area!

These smaller storage containers (which can be found very cheaply) are the perfect size, have a handle, and they hold just enough blocks to use with math activities.

If you don’t already have these containers  in your classroom, be on the lookout and buy several!

Perhaps you can add it to your Summer classroom shopping list.

Ahhhh…..did I just remind you that it is almost Summer?





Pin #18: People in the South do not like Snow or Ice!


I must have known the ice was coming!  Earlier this month, one of my classes made these adorable “melting” snowmen and then wrote about why they melted.

imageWe were looking at pictures on the internet from the Northern states where people were building snowmen in the streets!  We laughed as we looked outside at our bright sunny weather telling stories about what would happen to a snowman if we built it here in South Carolina.

Well……today we’re not laughing!