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Hometown Tourist #3: NCG Movie Theater

NCG recliner

My birthday was 5 months ago and I’m only on my 3rd Hometown Tourist activity!

I’ve come to the realization that it’s hard to get out of one’s routine but I tried this past weekend to break the cycle!

We traveled all the way to the east side of town to watch a comedy at the NCG Movie Theater, hoping to prop our feet up, and eat a huge tub of popcorn.  Unfortunately, we arrived only to find out that the projector for that film was broken.  We scanned the other movies, found one that would be appropriate for the family, and then found out that projector was also broken!


The story doesn’t end.  We decided to drive back to the west side of town and go to our “usual” movie theater choice.  We arrived with 15 minutes to spare until movie time and found a line in front of the theater that resembled “Black Friday” at Best Buy.

We drove down the road to Barnes and Noble and eased our pain with caramel macchiatos and blueberry scones!

Sometimes its good to just do the same ole thing!