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Pin # 42: More Succulents? Yes Please!

succulents As I worked on Pin #41:  Succulents in a Birdcage, I broke off many succulent leaves!

It was difficult to fit them through the small door on the birdcage.

Luckily, I already had this pin ready to root succulent leaves to create more to plant in the birdcage and in other containers!

I will post more pictures later to show if I was successful!


Pin # 41: Another Use for a Birdcage!

birdhouseI’ve had this cute little birdcage for a while and really didn’t know what to do with it since the door opening is so small.

This pin for adding succulents to a birdcage was the perfect solution!

I planning to add more succulents to the outside of the birdcage.  (you will see more of this in Pin #42)

This was very easy to do but very messy!  I will post of new picture after the plants have had some time to mature!

I hope they live!


Pin #29: I’m sorry weeds!


Weeds seem to grow no matter what the conditions!  Rain-No Rain-Sun-No Sun!  It just doesn’t matter.  They crop up everywhere!

Since I’m not a big fan of poisons (Sorry Round-Up), I wanted to try something more natural.  I was skeptical, at first, wondering how vinegar, salt, and dishwashing liquid could possibly cure the weed problem!  I found this pin for a natural weed killer and decided to try it out!

The picture above shows an example of a typical weed invader!  Cracks in sidewalks seem to cry out for some greenery and the weeds are happy to oblige.

I followed the directions carefully and mixed up the solution.  I decorated the spray bottle which isn’t really necessary but seemed important at the time.

After one day and one application, this is what those little invaders look like now!

after weed killer

For those of you who worry about your pets (I’m definitely one of them), I did Google the effect of apple cider vinegar on dogs and found that it is actually beneficial.  I can’t say the same for the Dawn dish liquid that is added to the mixture, but since it is such a small amount, I’m not worried!

If you are overrun with weeds, mix up a batch of this non-poisonous weed killer and be kind to the environment, your pets, and your wallet!  Vinegar is a lot cheaper than Round Up!

Pin #5: The Secret Garden!


I know it doesn’t look like much now, but just wait until Spring arrives! A surprise awaits those who are patient!  Growing beautiful flowers in the unforgiving South Carolina soil can be difficult, but worth the effort. Thanks to some expert advice from my neighbor at Garden Delights, I’m looking forward to a little extra beauty once all threats of snow have passed! I know you can wait for the surprise. However, if you are one of those people, (and you know who you are), follow the link below if you just can’t wait!

Secret Garden link