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Pin # 13: Don’t Have a Bow?


I always run out of bows when wrapping Christmas gifts!

Also, let’s face it, bows can be quite expensive!

I found this great pin showing how to make your own bows out of the wrapping paper you’re using!

They were easy to make and looked great even when I accidently tore off a few strips while curling the ribbon.

This year I used the paper used to wrap the gift but next year I might try mixing and matching! That was my husband’s idea so I must give him the credit!

That’s only fair!




Pin #7: Keeping your coffee warm


Crocheting Coffee Coozies for Christmas

That’s quite a tongue twister!  My daughter and I decided one cold weekend to try our hand at crocheting and luckily I had already started a Crocheting Board on Pinterest!

Our first attempt using a different pattern was a disaster and we ended up with a coffee coozie that continued to get smaller and smaller as we continued to create rows of beautiful stitches.

After unraveling those disasters, I tried my hand at the design above and decided to add a Granny Square coaster as well.

Guess what will be included with my Christmas cookies this year?