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Pin #24: Let’s Hang Those Pictures Straight!


I’ve been doing a little house renovating and hanging new pictures often results in lots of damage to newly painted walls!  Very frustrating!

Off center or crooked pictures make me sad so I was relieved to find this pin using tape to make the job much easier! Unfortunately, the pin doesn’t lead to a good website with instructions.

As you can see from the above photo, you apply tape to the back of what you want to hang lining it up with hanger placement. Remove the tape and apply it to the wall. Now you know exactly where to add the picture hangers. Spaced perfectly and level!

This picture, (actually a shelf) had 4 hangers so this was a very difficult first attempt. However, the tape worked and the shelf is hanging nicely with no damage to the walls.

Craftroom redecorating fun!



Pin #14: Mayonnaise and Water Rings?


Mayonnaise and Water Rings?

This water ring catches my eye every time I walk up or down the stairs.  It is located on a piece of furniture that I love, an antique hall tree, purchased at a local shop.

I saw a Pinterest pin stating that mayonnaise, left on the spot overnight, would remove it completely. Luckily, my son-in-law really dislikes my Miracle Whip and brought his own mayonnaise for our refrigerator!

I applied a heaping tablespoon to the spot and left it on overnight as stated.  I cleaned it off this morning and here is the result!


The ring is still slightly visible but it does look much better!

So…if you have any pesky water rings driving you crazy at your house, I hope you have some mayonnaise handy!