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Pin # 52: I Made It! “Literally” Chocolate Banana Bread!

Banana Bread

This year’s “What Number’s in your Bucket” was a success!  I made it to Pin #52  just in the nick of time.  I had a great time completing the 52 pins from the over 1,000 that I’ve pinned on Pinterest!

This chocolate banana bread was the perfect way to end the year!  We had it for breakfast this morning along with coffee from Panera!

I’m anxious to begin my new bucket of adventure.  Stay tuned for more information!

What number’s in your bucket?

Mine is 53!  How did that happen?


Pin #48: Blueberry, Basil, and Banana Smoothie “The BBB”

smoothieVery interesting recipe but delicious!

I picked the basil from my garden.  Thanks for the plants, Julie Adolf from Garden Delights!

I followed the recipe and used my trusty NutriBullet to whip it all up into a delicious treat that gave me a bit of energy after torturing myself at the gym!

I also liked the way the pinner explained the benefits of all of the ingredients!


Pin # 46: Homemade Treats for the Pooch!


Mazy is trying to wait but it is hard to resist peanut butter dog biscuits!

I found the cute cutters at Michaels.

These homemade biscuits were really easy to make.

The dough was easy to roll out and I quickly made enough treats to share with some of my dog loving friends!


They look delicious! Don’t worry, Mazy, I won’t eat them!

6 more pins to go!  🙂


Pin # 45: Mahi Mahi is delicious!


Healthy eating can be fun!

I bought a big bag of frozen Mahi Mahi fillets from Costco last week and found this really delicious recipe for coconut crusted Mahi Mahi on Pinterest. Where else?

I had some coconut left over from the No Bake cookies that I needed to use up quickly since I’ve been sneaking bites throughout the day to satisfy my ever present “sweet tooth”.

The recipe was very simple and only took 15 minutes to prepare!

First, you salt and pepper the fillets placing them on a foil covered baking sheet sprayed with Pam.

After baking the fish for 5 minutes, they come out of the oven and are covered with the coconut/panko crust and then baked an additional 10 minutes!

Easy and delicious!  My two favorite words when it comes to meal preparation!

Enjoy and eat healthy!

Pin # 44: Dark Chocolate No Bakes! Wow!

no bake cookies

I love No Bake Cookies and so does my husband!  Since we’ve been doing the “healthy eating” thing, I haven’t made any desserts because we would eat it all within one day!

My problem was solved recently when one of my neighbors needed a treat for a recent good deed!


Ok, here’s the story even though I was really embarrassed!

We’ve lived in our house for 20 years but the alarm system was only in working order for about 5 of those years.  The panels and keyboard were still in the house but ignored since they don’t work. (Or so we thought)

As I was doing laundry this week, I hung a dress on the panel which includes a panic button and, wouldn’t you know it, the alarm started blaring!

I ran to the keyboard by the front door to punch in the 4 digit code but I couldn’t remember even one digit!  It’s been 15 years!  I called my husband and left a voicemail.  I looked through our “home” file to find a code with no luck!

It finally stopped blaring by itself but the red light was still on which meant I was trapped in my house!  I tried a few codes that seemed familiar but the red light remained.  To make matters worse, the alarm started again after I tried a 2nd code on the keypad!

I decided I better go outside to make sure my neighbors knew I was OK and as I opened the door I startled a fairly large firefighter.  I basically scared the poor guy to death! My sweet neighbor across the street called the fire department when he thought he saw smoke coming from behind my house.  (just steam from the dryer vent due to the humidity)

To make an already long story short, my husband called just as I was scaring the firefighter and supplied the 4 digit code!  He obviously has a much better memory than me!

So, I really needed to repay my neighbor for looking out for me and these dark chocolate no bake cookies was a recent pin that I was dying to try!  They also included coconut and walnuts and were really yummy!  I kept a few for my husband and I (which we ate in one day), gave some to my sweet neighbor, and sent the remainder to work with my husband the next day!  (He did confess that he ate more at work.  He couldn’t help himself.  They are that good!)

I probably should have made some for that poor firefighter too!

Pin #40: Rosemary Lemonade

rosemary lemonade

More lemonade!  I know! It is Summer and it is HOT!

I have a huge Rosemary plant (bush) in my garden and it smells amazing.

When I saw a pairing of Rosemary and Lemonade, I was curious to see how those two flavors blended.

I followed the directions (here) but really didn’t think the Rosemary taste was strong enough.  When I make this again, I will steep the Rosemary much longer and perhaps add a bit more than is called for in the recipe.

I added some extra Rosemary to the pitcher and, the next day, the Rosemary Lemonade tasted much better!

Lemonade is just so refreshing during the hot summer months and this is another twist on an old favorite!

12 more pins to go!  I think I can make it!

The new bucket will be revealed after my birthday on August 16th!

Pin #39: Buffalo Chicken Dip Tortilla Pinwheels!

sandwichesI needed something easy and yummy for a recent Book Club Meeting!  We do talk about books, but the food and wine are really what’s most important!

Buffalo Chicken Dip always makes those taste buds happy so I felt certain that the Buffalo Chicken Dip Tortilla Pinwheels uwould not disappoint my book club buddies!

I think they were a hit because I really didn’t have many to bring home, which was a good thing since my husband will NOT eat anything that contains cream cheese!

I thought they were very tasty and easy to prepare.  Just follow the recipe here to make some of your own!  Enjoy!