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Pin # 43: Solar Light Chandelier in the Garden!

solar chandelier


Two years ago, we repainted our dining room and also replaced the light over our table!

I saved the light and repurposed it into a garden chandelier using spray paint and terra-cotta planters.

Unfortunately, the summer heat here in the South made it virtually impossible to keep the plants alive in the 5 small pots.

Pinterest to the rescue!

I saw this pin to turn it into a solar light chandelier instead and repurpose number two began!

Using the same color spray paint, I repainted the light.  I glued 3/4 inch nuts into the 5 dishes on the light and the solar lights fit snuggly inside the nuts!

The lights change colors and really look beautiful lighting up my little garden at night!


Pin #38: A New Life as a Watering Can!

watering can

We’ve had drought conditions for the past few weeks in the South!  My plants have needed lots of TLC!

I have one “real” watering can which is difficult to fill up in the kitchen sink.  I needed something smaller to fill quickly to water plants on my porch and deck and this pin for a “repurposed” watering can filled that need beautifully. (Note:  the link will take you to the eHow website but not to the actual pin.  There are lots of interesting topics to read on the website)

They also come in handy when fertilizing plants especially when you don’t want to use all of what you mixed at once!

This is much cheaper than buying lots of watering cans and easier than dragging the hose onto the porch and deck!

Plus, recycling is always a good idea!

Making the watering can is quite easy:

1.  Wash it out!

2.   Poke holes in the lid.

3.  Fill with water or fertilizer!

Pin #22: Love Coffee? Love the Earth too!

image                               Coffee deserves fancy storage!

I have a Keurig and really love the convenience of brewing that one perfect cup instead of a whole pot. I started using the Keurig container instead of a K-cup every time but continued to buy my creamer in those plastic containers.  I started feeling really guilty every time I threw one away. Poor landfills!

I saw this pin to repurpose those containers and quickly made my own coffee container! I added some artwork with a sharpie and filled it with my favorite Starbucks coffee!

I do love coffee but I also love the Earth!