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Pin #28: More Veggie Pasta Please!

veggie pasta      Dieting is hard, especially when you like pasta, bread, and desserts!

I ordered a handy little gadget from Amazon last month that turns veggies into pasta-like strands.  I have to admit that when I added some pesto from last summer’s basil, it was actually a pretty tasty alternative to the real thing!

I used yellow squash and zucchini squash this time to make “my pasta“.  It looked pretty and tasted delicious!  I didn’t cook it but did heat it up later in my microwave along with some grilled chicken.

Dieting has just become a little easier!

If anyone has a recipe for veggie dessert, please send it my way!


Pin #27: Bailey’s and Marshmallows! Yes Please!

Bailey’s Irish Cream and Marshmallows!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any “real pictures” of this pin!  We were eating the marshmallows so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to take a picture!

This is a really great idea for an “adult” campout to take the place of the typical “smores” made with the children over the years.

Luckily, our children are adults now and our son really enjoyed this tasty treat on our recent camping trip!

This Year’s Bucket

Bucket Photo

52 is the number in my bucket! 

     Pinterest is an amazing resource for all interests but pinning them is not enough!  This year, I will complete 52 of my Pinterest pins and empty this bucket!  I know I can do it!

What number’s in your bucket?

What’s in your bucket?

These might be questions you need to answer too!  Challenge yourself and join the fun.