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Happy Birthday! Now my number is 53!

20150912_125417                          New Year           New Bucket          New List of things to do!

On a recent trip to Charleston, I was chatting with a resident of this beautiful city in South Carolina.

My husband and I planned to go on one of the Ghost Tours and I asked her which one she would recommend.  To my surprise, she told me that she had never been on one of the tours even though she was a life long resident of the city!


I’m not a life long resident of SC but this was going to be my 2nd Ghost Tour!

I started thinking about my “hometown” and realized that there were probably many events, restaurants, shops, etc. that I had never visited or attended.

When we visit a location, we are frantically trying to do it all and not miss a single part of our chosen destination.

We often just go through our day to day routines, while at home, never looking at our chosen “place to live” as a place to explore!

This year, I plan to be a tourist in my hometown.  Can I find 53 new experiences?  I bet I can!

Check out the link I found while Googling one day!

Join me if you want to become a Hometown Tourist!


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