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Pin # 52: I Made It! “Literally” Chocolate Banana Bread!

Banana Bread

This year’s “What Number’s in your Bucket” was a success!  I made it to Pin #52  just in the nick of time.  I had a great time completing the 52 pins from the over 1,000 that I’ve pinned on Pinterest!

This chocolate banana bread was the perfect way to end the year!  We had it for breakfast this morning along with coffee from Panera!

I’m anxious to begin my new bucket of adventure.  Stay tuned for more information!

What number’s in your bucket?

Mine is 53!  How did that happen?


Pin #48: Blueberry, Basil, and Banana Smoothie “The BBB”

smoothieVery interesting recipe but delicious!

I picked the basil from my garden.  Thanks for the plants, Julie Adolf from Garden Delights!

I followed the recipe and used my trusty NutriBullet to whip it all up into a delicious treat that gave me a bit of energy after torturing myself at the gym!

I also liked the way the pinner explained the benefits of all of the ingredients!