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Pin #51: Teacher Stress? Bedtime Yoga!


The week of teacher staff development has flown by and most teachers, including myself, still don’t feel ready for Monday!  In less than 48 hours, teachers will be on duty at my school ready to greet and begin teaching all of those eager (and not so eager) students!

Sunday night many teachers will lay in bed, tossing and turning!  They will wake up every hour to check the time and make sure that they have not slept through their alarm!

Minds whirling all night cause sleep deprived teachers to stagger toward the coffee pot each morning hoping for that caffeine boost to get them through the day.  It’s almost like having a newborn at the start of each school year!

I found this pin about a bedtime yoga routine and decided to try it!  I have to admit, I’ve felt more relaxed and have fallen asleep quickly (and stayed asleep) each night this week during our week of staff development.

The true test will come on Sunday night!  Will I be able to sleep the whole night through or will I check that clock every hour on the hour?

I’ll give you an update Monday.

(If I’m not too tired from lack of sleep)

The above image is from a great article I found giving advice to avoid teacher burnout!  Here’s the link!

Tips for the Yoga Link:  Print it out so you don’t have to keep scrolling while your trying to relax!  Move the Savasana pose to the next to the last pose instead of 2nd.