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Hometown Tourist #4: Brown Roof Thrift

Coffee and Thrift Shop!  What a concept!

My son and I visited Brown Roof Thrift Saturday morning and enjoyed the coffee and cookies!  My son even knew the barista from college!

After we were energized by sugar and caffeine, we strolled and shopped!  I found an interesting Christmas vest covered with geese dressed up in their Christmas clothes.  I hope I’ll get invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party in the near future!  I also found a vintage copy of Tom Sawyer complete with attached bookmark.  I paid $2 for my finds! My son purchased The Lord of the Rings book trilogy and another book that he promises to let me borrow after he reads it for a whopping $3!

I’ve found this Hometown Tourist project to be a little more difficult to achieve than the Pinterest project from last year!  However, I have only 49 more new places or adventures to experience in the next 5 months!  I need to get busy!


Hometown Tourist #1: Cork and Beans


I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to break the habit of going to the same old places and doing the same old things! I finally broke out of my comfortable routine and visited a really nice place close to home.  Cork and Beans has a relaxing area where you can drink a favorite beverage, eat some delicious food, and relax in a comfy chair! It’s kind of like eating and drinking on your couch minus the cooking and cleanup!

Check it out if you are in town! It is located near Publix at the corner of 290 and Reidville Rd.

Pin #22: Love Coffee? Love the Earth too!

image                               Coffee deserves fancy storage!

I have a Keurig and really love the convenience of brewing that one perfect cup instead of a whole pot. I started using the Keurig container instead of a K-cup every time but continued to buy my creamer in those plastic containers.  I started feeling really guilty every time I threw one away. Poor landfills!

I saw this pin to repurpose those containers and quickly made my own coffee container! I added some artwork with a sharpie and filled it with my favorite Starbucks coffee!

I do love coffee but I also love the Earth!

Pin #7: Keeping your coffee warm


Crocheting Coffee Coozies for Christmas

That’s quite a tongue twister!  My daughter and I decided one cold weekend to try our hand at crocheting and luckily I had already started a Crocheting Board on Pinterest!

Our first attempt using a different pattern was a disaster and we ended up with a coffee coozie that continued to get smaller and smaller as we continued to create rows of beautiful stitches.

After unraveling those disasters, I tried my hand at the design above and decided to add a Granny Square coaster as well.

Guess what will be included with my Christmas cookies this year?